Bring Instagram to life with a giant insta-frame for your guests to enjoy. 

Make Your Event Interactive and Your Guests Instafamous

Add an Instagram frame to your event and watch your guests have a great time snapping away in your personalised frame. 

Whether you are promoting a new product, or simply want to excite your guests with a fun prop, the Instagram frame is the latest 'must-have' when it comes to photography. 

  • Personalised Content

    Whether it's an opening for a new store, the launch of a new product or simply a celebration that deserves snapping, an Instagram frame is the perfect way to celebrate and remember an important date. Perfect for getting customers involved or guests on their feet, incorporate your own bespoke title, hashtags and photo to make your frame personal and something to remember. 

  • Durable & Lightweight Material

    Our Instagram frames are made from a strong plastic material called foamex, which makes the frame sturdy and durable but also light enough for all guests to hold and pose within. We offer our Instagram frames in both A1 and A2, so you can choose how large your would like your frame to be.



Instagram Frame

The London Event Planners designed me and had a giant A1 Instagram frame made for my party. All the guests loved it, and I have so many amazing pictures from the evening. 

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